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Another beautiful day in the car. Beautiful but long. Being the only ‘driver’ in the car the  1000 odd kilometers were up to me. We stopped by Dave at Cykelposten on Fyn for a coffee, to pick up some empty Malteni cases, and a couple of beers from the Midtfyn Brewery for the Belgian boys to try. Other than that we tanked once and that was about it between Copenhagen and Opwijk, Belgium. In all the time we have been doing this I don’t think I have seen Bender smoke so few cigarettes. The most impressive thing was Loke and how well he held up to 10 hours in the back seat of a car.20140131-121817.jpg

Dinner, beer, and good company awaited us at Dirk and Anneke’s. For Loke it was playing Skylanders on a big screen tv, he was in heaven.

When we drove down the car was pretty packed with four of us plus all our stuff and the idea of picking up two bikes 3 sets of wheels, a pavilion (thanks Krekels!), tools, spares, and beer was daunting. I was a little unsure of if it was going to be possible to begin with but it all squeezed in in the end…




So now we are in Berendrecht at Dave Zombikers, just south of the Dutch border, about an 18min drive from Hoogerheide. Before the Team Managers meeting I squeezed in a quick few rounds on the course. I had spoken to Alex about it yesterday and he had warned me of a possible mud fest, not what I had hoped for. I have found through the season that the fast courses seem to suit me more and this being my last chance to complete a race I really wanted the odds tipped in my favour. There were a couple of boggy sections, but in general it was a fast course and thanks to a bit of sand had some nice dry sections. Forecast rain might change that (fingers crossed, fingers crossed…) plus the juniors and women racing tomorrow will mash it up for sure, but I am quietly hopeful…