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I am working on the blog posts for the races following Namur. This Christmas I managed to find a great balance of cozy times between races and quality time with friends. Which was lovely, this did however mean spending less time writing about it all. It is coming though.

As I sit here drinking my morning coffee waiting for a friend there is something else that I would like to share. I listen to podcasts, a lot of them. When commuting, at work, driving to Belgium, they fill the spaces in between. It started with fitness and nutrition, listening to Ben Greenfield, Rich Roll, Abel James and the Bulletproof coffee guy. With time though Ben got a little geeky, Rich became too spiritual, Abel too nice, and so I started looking further afield. It started with Dan Savage and his advice column podcast. There I found hours of entertainment and wisdom on love, sex and relationships, with a little politics thrown in. A must listen for sure, I guarantee your will horizons will be broadened. Next came Radiolab. Wow. They opened my eyes to what was possible with podcasting. It is a little hard to describe what they do because in essence it is a science based program, but really it is much much more. Now I was born into a generation that watched TV in the evenings, radio was kinda dead, and computers, well they hadn’t really made their impact yet. I have nostalgic kinds of pictures, shown to me by the benevolent TV, of what the radio generation must have done with their cold wintery nights, sitting round listening to radio broadcasts. But it wasn’t until I heard the likes of Radiolab that I truly began to appreciate quite what that must have felt like. They brought a quality of journalism and story telling that I had never heard in an audio-only format before. I had trouble though, after I had waded through about 5 years worth of Radiolab podcasts, finding a worthy successor. My hunger was sated a little by On The Media and their spin off TLDR, with their interesting look at current events and the media’s way of spinning them. The TED Radio hour, TED talks put into audio and compiled into themes, again left me inspired. But how could you go wrong there? A TED talk is hard to beat. Well that was until I found This American Life. Speachless. I am not going to try and sum it up, I couldn’t do it justice, listen to it. I promise you if you do your only regret will be that you didn’t start listening to it earlier. Unlike other podcasts This American life only makes this weeks podcast available for download. So there is no ‘going through the archives’. I have started collecting them like prized possessions. Serial is worth mentioning here. The podcast that took the internet by storm. One story told in 12 episodes, Serial quickly rose to being the most downloaded podcast on iTunes. I have also just discovered The Moth. Basically The Moth is everyday people telling stories from their lives on a stage somewhere in the States. Breathtaking. In my 30min commute to work I have both laughed out loud and be brought to tears in the same trip. Before I start to ramble too much in the noteworthy category I will add, Stuff You Should Know, Criminal, and Strangers.

I am truly excited about the podcasting format and what it has to offer. I think it will become more and more prevalent in our society and maybe discussions started by Dan in his weekly episode will begin to compete with the latest gossip from HBO. Download and enjoy…