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Bender and I have just gotten back from a managers meeting in Tabor. There were a record 24 countries represented and I was proud to be one of them. First we were welcomed by the head of the race committee in Czech, which was then translated. After came a short stint in english and then we went on to the main part of the meeting, in French. French is the language of the UCI apparently and is seems that if you don’t speak it then that is your problem. Now I have been to enough of these meetings for this to not be the first time that I have encountered this problem. I would also say that World Cup manager meetings are quite standard and there is seldom anything new. This isn’t the case at the Worlds. They compensate for the unfortunate few that don’t follow by putting the main points in bullet form on a projector. This is how it goes:

On the projector:

  • Maximum tyre width 33mm
  • No spikes or studs allowed

What the dude says:

No frigging idea but he spoke for a whole minute about tyres alone (I think) He even paused a couple of times and scanned the room to see if everyone understood.

For the start of the race they seem to have strict guidelines for who can be on the start grid and what time they have to leave, but again I am a bit of a blank on that one too.

It is just frustrating and leaves you with a ‘you don’t belong here’ feeling…