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There are a few positive things about being the little fish in a big ocean when it comes to racing cross and one of them is getting to pick my sponsors. Ok, I am maybe making that sound a little more glamorous than it really is, but what I am getting at is that I choose who to contact first regarding doing a deal. So I start with the brands that I know and like to begin with and work my way down from there. If I am lucky I strike gold on the first attempt. This was case with Catlike. I have been using their helmets since we started selling them in Track Bike Shop. I liked the look and fit of them (good for small heads) So much so we had a batch of them made custom for the shop. I must admit they had some teething problems at the start with the retention systems at the back, but the service was always good and defects were quickly replaced. The Kompact Pro was such a favorite of mine that at last count I still have three of them kicking around (though two live in New Zealand).

My helmets and I have been some pretty good places

My helmets and I have been some pretty good places

So I was pretty stoked when their new helmet the Mixino showed up in the post. A better fit than the Kompact and the retention system has moved light years since the last time I bought a Catlike. I have been in helmet bliss since then and the Kompact Pro that I raced in last season has moved on to greener pastures (recycling depot).

My helmet was definitely looking better than me that day...

My helmet was definitely looking better than me that day…

Another thing I have been really glad for this season has been the Science In Sport energy products I have been using. Again I was a fan from way back and they were on the top of my list. I like the complexity of their recovery products and the thought that has been put into the ingredients. Ok, they still use Aspartame as a sweetener but you have to go pretty far to find a sports supplement that doesn’t. I like their recovery drink Rego so much that there have days where I have not been in the mood for finishing the workout where just the fact that another 15min of training will mean that I have ‘earned’ my right to have one. (based on the idea that extra protein is unnecessary after any training of less than an hour in duration) Their other hit with me is the Overnight slow release protein mix. For use again only during periods of intense training it also contains tryptophan which helps produce niacin and seritonin which in turn aids sleep. The irony often of many hard training sessions is that it can sometimes be even harder to sleep afterwards.

The shelf of goodness :D

The shelf of goodness 😀

I’ll be looking forward to trying out their new mountain bike shoes this summer!!