Where do you start with a page like this? In the present and go backwards, or do you pick a point in your life where you feel like you really started the doing things that are most ‘you’ now and just highlight the good stuff since then. There is always a weight placed on the order in which you write too, do you start with age? Parent? Job? Favourite past times? What says the most about you? A friend made an interesting observation the other day. He found that in the States for example the people he met and hung out with described themselves as surfers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, whereas in Denmark they had more of a tendency to say lawyer, student, mechanic, barista. So how do you identify yourself, what do you identify yourself most with?

I am a 37 year old cyclocrossing mountain biking trail running every now and then climbing and kayaking father to Loke that works occasionally as a bike mechanic in one of the coziest shops in town eat paleo with the exception of beer, cheese, milk in my cortado and the occasional croissant from Bojes that my boss buys cause he is sweet I live in Copenhagen but come from and mostly identify with New Zealand as it is one of the most amazing places on earth!


When I left New Zealand in ’99 I didn’t own a mountain bike. I did get on the plane to Canada with about 74 kgs of climbing kayaking, skiing, and snowboarding equipment however. Since leaving Canada I have been skiing all of 3 weeks, kayaking about one week and climbing outdoors once. I do however have so many bikes that counting them has become tedious. I have raced in the UCI Amateur Road Cycling World Championships, 1/2 Ironman World Championships, won the Singlespeed Mountain Bike Worlds, and in 2 months time will be racing the Cyclocross World Championships.

Right now I work ‘occasionally’ in the 29er Bike Shop as their one and only mechanic, I have worked in the past for the Danish cycling team and the only cycling experience I have tried that has topped working in the middle of a velodrome during a World Cup has been the chance to try one myself. Right now I drive to Belgium every 2nd weekend to race in the mud and sand of Flanders and in the time that I am home in Copenhagen I try to get my life and apartment back in order before it is time to leave again. People seem to think that the idea of racing in Belgium is hard, the 10-12 hour drive 2 days of racing and then 10-12 hrs home again. The hard bit is being home. Never really having enough time to get things in order, trying to see loved ones and friends, and spending quality time with my son.

It is the single speed community here in Europe that has even made this season of racing possible. They have generously opened their homes and hearts to me and I owe them a great debt. I am looking very much forward to racing in Alaska in 2014 and meeting a bunch more of them!



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