The new and improved 2014/15 race calendar!! Sorry it took so long to put together but  some times it takes a while for the dust of my life to settle and things to become clear.

20-09-14 Belgian SS Championships

28-09-14 3 Peaks!!

10-10-14 Dutch SSCX Champs (maybe)

19-10-14 World Cup Valkenburg (Most likely)

26-10-14 Xterra World Championships, Hawaii

08-11-14 Gogooo Hellcross, Dottinges

23-11-14 World Cup Koksijde

30-11-14 World Cup Milton Keynes

21-12-14 World Cup Namur

26-12-14 World Cup Zolder

27-12-14 Bredene

28-12-14 Diegem

30-12-14 Louenhout

01-01-15 Baal or Grand Prix Hotel Threeland, Petange, Luxemburg (I haven’t decided yet)

01-02-15 Tabor 😀


5 thoughts on “Calendar”

  1. Nicolas Selosse said:

    two races the 11th november…please choose de good one 🙂
    We do organize the Gogooo Hellcross in memory of our singlespeed friend Hugo…and the Belgian Bar will be open all night 🙂

  2. Nicolas Selosse said:

    you’re THE man !

  3. nicoselosse said:


    I do have a spare room for 2 persons at home…
    Distance from here to (km)

    Hamburg 660
    Valkenburg 254
    Woerden 245
    Oudenaarde 35
    Zonhoven 189
    Weisbaden 472
    Hamme 93
    Dottignies (home 🙂 )
    Koksijde 70
    Gieten 412
    Antwerpen 100
    Overijse 128
    Essen 127
    Namur 145
    Zolder 186
    Wuustwezel 145
    Breden 70
    Diegem 113
    Tremelo 135
    Zonnebeke 32
    Surhuisterveen 400
    Leuven 138
    Nommay 600
    Hoogerheide 141

  4. Patrick Hertveld said:

    on saturday there’s a lot of B-crosses around Flanders also, higher finishes possible?

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