I am currently supported by the following fine companies:

Niner – OMG, YES! It is true!!! Weeeeee!!

Malteni – Organic gluten free Belgian Beer, how can you go wrong? This will be part of #teamangusedmond ‘s staple diet

Brooks – One of the most know names in cycling with a proud heritage of saddle making. I am now the proud to be riding their new Cambium saddle and guest blogger! Exciting times!

Travers Bikes – Makers of sweet titanium bike frames, especially for those of you into things like 29+ and fat bikes 🙂

GripGrab – A Danish owned company that makes some great gloves and has now made me one of their Local Heroes

Rockstar Energy – Energy drink in rather large cans in a wide variety of flavors, perfect for those 10hr drives to Belgium together with a mechanic without a license 🙂

Faktori – The Danish distributor for Eurostyle embrocation, if you haven’t tried it yet then do it!! Keeps you warm on chilly days…

FMB – Beautiful handmade tyres from France

Bread & Butter – A beautiful little B&B in Brugge

29er Bike Shop – My place of employment, one of the coziest mtb shops in Denmark, and now supporter of the team!


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