To me these people are just as important as any of the sponsors that have loaned me equipment or contributed financially to my season. Without the people here helping to lube the gears of this project then the wheels would have ground to a halt already and I would be sitting miserably in Denmark not even half way throughout the season. I owe them more than I can put into words. They have opened their homes to me, helped, organized, phoned, written mails, gotten sponsorship, cleaned, cheered, bought me frites and made my life richer because of it. (please note it is not complete nor is it in any order other than how they got spat out of my head in a stream of consciousness…)

Luc and Marja

Nicolas and Hannelore

Pieter and Renske

Bram and Lies (and his parents)

Kalle (Sebastian)

Sven De Smedt

Bjorn van de Berg

Dirk de Brucker

Jelle Singlespeed

Jo Theys

Milton Vensby

Emma Bonde

Simon Busk

Jody Barton

Peter Madsen



4 thoughts on “Supporters”

  1. Hi Angus!

    Good luck this afternoon in Overijse, If you want we can install cross tyres on our omnium! Then you can race with that.

    The Pedal BXL team will b there to support you!

    Have fun!


  2. Hello Angus,
    I’m 14 years old, and yesterday I saw you in Valkenburg at the cyclocross. I was very
    surprized with your shirt becose I’ve got an original Molteni shirt and I didn’t know that it was a bear brand 🙂 Every lap I supported and claped for you and shouted your name. After a few laps you didn’t come back, I was quite sad. And after the race I’ve searched for your camper or your bus, but I didn’t see you. Now I am reading all your blogs back, they are very funny. I really want to meet you, and get a malteni suit. I hope you read my reply, and it should be nice when you react 🙂
    Greetings Jussi

    • Hi Jussi, Thank you for cheering! The original Molteni (as rumour has it) made sausages. I have tried to find out more about this but I can’t so who knows? The Malteni that I ride for makes beer 🙂 I am a little hard to find as we have no camper or bus 😉 Just keep your eye out for a GripGrab tent. My next big race will be at Koksijde. I am glad that you like my blog! See you soon maybe!



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